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Leapfactor provides breakthrough business Apps to transform the way companies engage with their sales force, employees, partners and customers. By combining mobile cloud services, smart Apps and high-performing user experience design, Leapfactor Apps quickly enable those in the field without compromising security, performance or scalability. Our platform, enables us to create awesome scalable business Apps focused on consumers.

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our Company History

  • Leapfactor started in 2010

    Lionel & Marcela started the company with the idea of creating a platform to build mobile business Apps. Apple ignited the idea with its mobile App revolution for consumers. We knew that one-day people would primarily use mobile devices to
    access relevant information and business Apps must have the convenience and
    cool factor of consumer's Apps hosted and monetized on the cloud.

  • First Live Clients in 2011

    After a huge effort to build the Mobile Cloud based software infrastructure to
    be truly cloud agnostic and achieve the high scalability demanded by mobile
    scenarios, Leapfactor started to work with key clients, like Avon, JP Morgan Chase, L'Oreal, Aztra Zeneca and others.

  • Focus on Apps

    After the first dozen Apps, we decided to leverage our Platform for Sales
    Execution Apps. We did this to transform the way companies enable their sales
    teams and how to engage their customers. Salesfactor was designed with a
    modular approach that combined with Sightfactor provides unprecedented
    analytics of user behavior.

  • Industry Traction

    Leveraging the experience gained with Avon, Audi, Bayer, HD Supply and many
    others, Leapfactor started to create different product packages to serve specific
    sales scenarios by business types, like Retail, Direct Sales, etc. With this approach,
    Leapfactor started to gain traction on specific industries, while continuing
    to enhance the platform.

  • Functional Expansion

    To respond to market conditions and customer demands, Leapfactor began to
    support Android in a more extended way, explored on Windows Mobile and
    expanded its support for HTML hybrids. It also enhanced the user and content
    management consoles and the analytics platform beyond the conventionalism
    of our competitors.

Our Mission & Vision

As a matter of fact, we are not celebrating that more things can be done from our cell phones, we are highlighting that we no longer need a laptop or a PC with poor User Interfaces to do business; finally the “anywhere and anytime” promise is becoming reality and with a user experience that has the user in mind.


Become companies’ preferred mobile business platform, by empowering their teams and allowing for brands to transform the way they touch their customers.


Support organizations by enabling its employees, partners and customers with enterprise mobile Apps to get things done timely, effectively and easily, while generating maximum value.

Mobile Moments

The mobile moment is that time, when we think about using our phone to do something or to get an answer to something. Accessing information should be convenient and contextual.


Mobile users behave like consumers regardless of who provides the App. If we focus on user experience everything else will follow.


Innovation is necessary and inevitable. We don't settle for anything less than excellence. We are conscious that we need to remain humble and alert of the everchanging landscape.


We value people. Ethics are not optional. We have respect for the individual and for diversity. We are certain that sustainability involves business, nature and society.


It was early 2009, when we put all these pieces together and immediately began the construction of our platform and service offering. Evidently, we were subject to many of the stereotypical “Pioneer disadvantages” and criticism and skepticism, speedily arrived in our inboxes. But as the market opportunity became more evident, until the point of obvious, this space is now crowded with software incumbents and entrepreneurs following the Mobile 1st imperative. We became Endeavor entrepreneurs in 2014 and continued working to pass from visionaries to market experts with the support of our amazing team and wonderful customers.

Lionel Carrasco

Lionel Carrasco

Founder & CEO

Formed in Silicon Valley and global consulting firms. Having worked with mobile technologies since 1995, Lionel is widely regarded as a practical visionary with a proven ability to innovate and execute.

Lionel Carrasco

Founder & CEO

Marcela Henao

Marcela Henao

Founder & CMO

Marcela Henao has experience working with Global 1000 businesses, and has demonstrated ability to guide start-ups and multinational firms. She has a proven record as a marketing strategist with strong sales execution.

Marcela Henao

Founder & CMO

Alredo Aviles

Alfredo Aviles

Co-Founder & CTO

With more than 20 years of experience in enterprise applications and distributed systems with Fortune 500 companies. Alfredo is considered a pragmatic platform architect with domain expertise both on open source and enterprise software..

Alfredo Aviles

Co-Founder & CTO

Some great achievements

Some products sell themselves; for everything else there’s Leapfactor. Too often, field sales teams selling 21st century products rely on 20th century tools: pen-and-paper contracts, brochures and obsolete CRM systems. Moreover, the old methods fail to create the engaging, interactive experience that customers expect in the digital era. Salesfactor is a sleek and intuitive product that provides the tools to increase revenues and efficiency.

Lionel Carasco and Marcel Henao, High Impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs

High-Impact Entrepreneurs


CEO Lionel Carasco on CNN Latam

Mobile Visionary

CNN Latam

MLM App Development during Hackathon

They raise the bar


Best App Direct Selling Association 2013

The customer, the hero of our story


Lionel Carasco Lincoln Latino Leaders

Time, Energy & Determination

Latino Leader

Leapfactor Argentina HQ

They know and we trust

Argentina HQ

Leapfactor R&D Buenos Aires Team

Focused on UX


Marcela Henao and Lionel Carrasco 2014 Endeavor 53 Brazil

Innovation trumps success

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Creating an Engaging Sales Experience

Audi Sales App

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