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Mobile App Adoption.

Building a usable and successful mobile app is one of the best ways to develop and expand a business in today’s marketplace, but your work is far from finished once the app is built. To reap the rewards of the hard work that is put into the app development process, you are going to need to take proactive measures that increase the adoption of your mobile app...

There are several great ways to drive adoption, including:
    o Why charge consultants for tools to sell?
    oEnhancing the user experience
    oMaking your App valuable with an added touch of style
    oUsing paid promotion strategies to drive downloads
    oUsing Analytics to track usage and re-target users with new incentives
    oContinue maintaining/adding great content and periodic updates 

This article will demonstrate how to take this advice and make it tangible for your mobile app and boost the adoption of your business app in the process.

The User Experience Is Everything

One of the big challenges standing in the way of mobile adoption for your app is that app discovery is greatly limited compared to the SEO capabilities of Google. As such, finding your app can be difficult for many users, and even when they download it, a significant percentage of apps are used only once after being downloaded. What does this mean for your business?

It means that the first user experience is everything. After all, a big marketing budget or clever marketing strategy can enhance the amount of downloads, and while this is important, it is all for nothing if the actual app itself is unmemorable and quickly forgotten. The best way to design your app is by making it a lifestyle for the user, adding value to their daily life while also being convenient, cool and easy to use. Hitting on all of these key points will significantly increase the odds of users using your app repeatedly.

Ease of use is essential for a great user experience, particularly at first use for a new user. Apps that are more in-depth need to slowly reveal all of the great features to a user, rather than bombard them at first use. An easy, simple and effective introduction to the first use will make the first interaction more pleasant, and a feature-rich app can slowly reveal more of the great features the app offers as the user familiarity increases.

Along with being easy to use the first time the app is downloaded and used, it also needs to spark enjoyment in the user from the outset. Delivering a tangible benefit to a user upon their first use is the key to retaining that user, and data about target users can help in this regard. Beyond that, make your app in such a way that it engages a user in an active way. Put simply, you want to get a user to do something on their first use that will keep them coming back, whether that is filling in credit card information or allowing you to use their smartphone’s location services. Following these steps will increase the likelihood that a user’s first experience will be a positive one.

Driving the Adoption of Mobile Apps Requires Persistence and Staying Relevant

Beyond making the app itself great on first use, there are plenty of other tactics you can use to drive mobile app adoption. One particularly useful tool is to use paid promotion to drive app downloads. This allows you to target your ideal and relevant mobile users by searching for relevant terms through text ads that promote your app and provide a convenient download link.

There are free strategies available as well, such as using social media pages and linking your app download link to the social media page of your business. Then, you can consider promotional ads and marketing campaigns that will target relevant users to download the app. Even better, targeting relevant users through social media can be an incredibly efficient and precise way to find users that are more likely to enjoy your app.

Once more users are downloading your app, the rankings on your app store of choice will make your app appear to even more potential users, which is another huge marketing win that builds off of these strategies.

Also, consider tracking usage of your app so you can understand why and how your users engage with the app. Using analytic tools to accomplish this will help drive app adoption while also providing ideas on new features you can include producing an even more engaging app.

Constantly Evolving and Growing Features Enhances Mobile App Adoption

Finally, on mixed content driven and feature driven apps, it is important to remember that the initial “wow” factor will only last for a limited amount of time. If you do not add new and exciting content, users will get bored and find the next new thing. As such, it is essential to keep your app fresh by adding novel and exciting content that will compel users to engage with your brand on a repeated basis.

When you add or grow new features for your app, consider conducting a promotion that raises awareness to the exciting changes made to the app. This will spark the interest of previous users that may have stopped using the app, meaning you can grow new users while also increasing the amount of return users.

Following all of these tips will drive app adoption by encouraging repeated and consistent app usage from anyone who downloads your app, enabling your app to be a key part of your long-term brand success.

July  22, 2015

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