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We are a genuine, contemporary, and knowledgeable organization that develops breakthrough apps while unfolding the power of technology and meeting the demands of our global customers at large. Our goal is to attract, recruit, select, and retain the best qualified talent, create a cohesive culture and a work-life balance driven to empower our most valuable human capital.
We seek smart, talented, and energetic people who are driven by a passion for technology and business. Our organization offers a challenging and multi-cultural environment with a focus on learning quickly and delivering results. Leapfactor is the right place for you!

About Our Team

We introduce innovative apps solutions to transform the world. With that said, we recruit and hire a diverse workforce while cultivating creativity and groundbreaking ideas to solve our challenges and meet our business demands. Our talented workforce comes from all around the world, diverse as their backgrounds, cultures, individual needs and expectations. Our TEAM is a reflection of our diversity!

Our goal is to value, empower, recognize, reward, and provide each member of our team with the right tools to succeed. We celebrate unique perspectives, promote open and respectful communication, and encourage professional growth and exploration of every corner. Our cohesive culture and environment inspires our people to showcase their talent and realize their full potential.



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team Research & Development

We have a unique approach to our work, founded on planning and insight development. We take time out to understand the needs, brand, business objectives and, most importantly, the customer expectations before making recommendations for how we will execute on our App development.

This is the life of our R&D team and the identity of who we are: A team of programmers, designers, doers, thinkers, and believers. Never defaulting one kind of solution, our goal is bring to life the ideas. In our R&D team collaboration happens at every level of what we do from App concept to execution.

Leapfactor R&D Team Developing Direct Sales App

Team sales

We have a sales and marketing team dedicated to fulfill today’s empowered customers and brands. Our Sales team approach is founded on supporting our customers to understand, how mobility changes the way salespeople engage and sale and at the same time, how consumers behave, buy and react with the new marketing and sales tools.

This is the life of sales team and the identity of who we are: A team of consultants, business people, thinkers, and promoters, transforming lives through innovative technology that simplifies our workload and increase the quality of everyday living.


Team Operations

The Service Delivery and Operations team are contributors who are responsible for the App service delivery. While the operations team work in conjunction with our software developers guiding our software roadmap but also be involved in leading projects, working with engineers in R&D, and interfacing with users on requirements and support.

Leapfactor Inc. Direct sales and MLM App Developer

team Administrative

For administrative areas, our colleagues who have broad-based, up-to-date technical and methodical knowledge and for whom service is foremost in their minds. Expect in the team a high degree of communication skills, the necessary flexibility in approaching changing tasks, a distinct orientation toward recognizing and solving problems.

Leapfactor Inc.

What our team says

Jorge Chirinos Leapfactor Finance Director



“Alongside management, I have the ability to make important decisions across the board.
It is an incredible feeling, being given the opportunity to make things happen
The ideals of ownership and value, but most importantly,
the feeling of joy and satisfaction by being recognized for your hard work and dedication.”

Ezequiel Actis Leapfactor VP of Engineering

Ezequiel Actis Grosso, VP Engineering


“I have worked in companies ranging from less than twenty to thousands of people,
with different reasons leading me from one to another, including learning opportunities, career options,
the pay, and many others, but staying and feeling as apart of it comes down to a single everyday moment:
waking up WANTING to go to work, believing that what we are doing has an impact out there,
making peoples’ lives easier by using the things we create.
I see us as a soccer team, with the backend guys playing defense and providing the basis for the mobile-Messi guys
to deliver really cool apps, striving to achieve that Barcelona-like product that will make the difference."

Patricia Roa Alanis Leapfactor Inc.

Patricia Roa Alanis, Content Loader Leader


“Mi experiencia en Leapfactor ha sido sumamente satisfactoria.
Como Content Loading Leader, me enfrento diariamente a diversos retos que hacen de mi trabajo
una carrera de aprendizaje continuo, permitiéndome conocer y aportar en las innovaciones tecnológicas vanguardistas que la empresa pone a mi alcance, así como el intercambio de información con colaboradores de otros países que aportan su experiencia propia, fomentando mi desarrollo y alimentando las herramientas creativas y de control que requiero para satisfacer las necesidades de los clientes, señalando que cada esfuerzo y cada logro me es reconocido y valorado."

Diego Rossenblum Leapfactor Inc. Support Manager

Diego A Rossenblum, Support Manager


"I’ve been part of Leapfactor the last 4+ years.
I like working here because you have the right environment for work-life balance, career
growth, and job satisfaction. You work with the most talented individuals no matter where they live.
The work frequently involves new challenges encouraging you to always do better than your best.
At the end of the day, you receive great satisfaction knowing you have contributed
to the collective growth of the company."

Leapfactor has a responsibility to act as a good corporate citizen all around the world. We recognize and perform the obligations we have towards our people, investors, customers, suppliers, competitors, and the community as a whole. We believe our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom we interact, to be one of our most valuable assets. In order to keep this reputation and conviction, we demand and maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out our business activities.

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