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Empower employees to use their skills and learn on their own, when and where it's most convenient
for them, indeed from Anywhere.
Enrollments done with a few taps
Forget about paper orders or ugly web sites,
get it done in real time with zero backoffice hassle.
Make dashboards accesible at any time
Distribute personnel and team metrics anywhere in real time,
for people to undestand their numbers.

Mobile It's an App with a platform behind

We created an App to help companies operating in complex and dynamic markets, which require its employees to manage their own self-improvement training process, targeted to boost employee competitiveness, enthusiam and energy.



Secure documentation and encrypted customer data all the way from your devices to the backend systems



Scalable to support exponential growth and elastic to lower cost per user as you grow your business.



Unparalleled analytics to understand users behavior and understand what actually drive sales.


Adopt Superb user experience

  • Users Drive Our Creativity

    Like any other consumer product, mobile Apps only succeed because of its users. Apps attract users by creating an engaging environment while being more convenient and helping get things done faster, easier, and more cost efficient.

  • We Invested A Lot So You Don’t Have To

    At Leapfactor, we invested on the most talented minds to design, build and maintain a business class platform. Our platform creates a high value throughout our mobile Apps. There are those who say it's easy to build a streamlined App, it's more than that.

  • A Serious Mobile Tool for Serious Business

    We designed our Apps with the end user in mind. The Apps are designed to help you sell more, make the job easier, engaging and more convenient, while helping run the business more efficiently. Our focus is in providing the best training and user experience.

  • UX is a never-ending process

    As much as one can succeed on attracting users, keeping users is harder. App users quickly get accustomed to a feature but they never stop demanding for more. We continuously look for ways to innovate helping people get things done, slicker and faster.


features The Smart Coaching APP

To engage customers and close deals in today’s world, sales people need a mobile front office toolbox to respond to client’s expectations. Don’t expect to captivate clients with backend tools.

Product Library

Provide centrally controlled marketing materials on/off line for reps to use and share any time, anywhere

Video Library

Let reps interact with prospects by sharing powerful videos that communicate your intended message

User Authentication

Helps protect the end user from unauthorized access through a unique ID and PIN. Has the ability to operate in either on/offline mode.

On-Demand Feeds

Allows content updating and regionalization; synchronize new content on demand, and related materials, or simply download content in different languages.

Curricula Library

Create full library of self-paced learning courses including videos, documents, presentations and more. Can be organized by topic /categories for quick access.

Social and Likes

Allows the user to Like and Share content within the application. This feature is a significant aid to expand the reach of content and acquire new users.


orders per second


new users per minute


anlytical events per hour


assets dowload per day

MLM Mobile Apps

FITSAll business sizes


Leapfactor has created a Coach App that helps startups with few distributors and limited budgets into growing young companies. In today’s dynamic business world, employees need to receive coaching to motivate and mentor others in order to help promote growth in the workplace. Coaching plays an important role in the success of your organization and should link the coaching process directly to business impact.


Innovative reinforcement and follow-up tools are what you need to create lasting impact in your organization, that improves employee motivation, learning and reduces turnover. By keeping your employees informed, updated and encouraging dialog between them, you can make them feel that they have an important role to play in the company..


Corporations operating in complex and dynamic markets are required to reduce costs by replacing today’s analog onboarding paper-based process with a green and digitally cool mobile app that’s enjoyable enough to drive adoption. Our Coachfactor app will also help navigate the on boarding process from welcome and registering to searching, so that new hires can easily find content. This content is organized by groups such as: Welcome, Obligation, Benefits, Team, Tools and Behavior. Our secure App provides encryption protection. It also includes an easy sign-in process and two-factor based authentication, that allows updates of content based on user roles and profile. A new hire’s app experience needs to be as easy and as enjoyable as possible. This is the basis of true adoption!.

Clients who they are

Leapfactor Direct Sales Mobile Apps

why Mobility is imperative

Managing employee mobility is important, because without the right training and planning, employees will not be prepared to meet the challenges. Your company does not want to find itself faced with loss of productivity, or worse, loss of its best managers because of lack of planning. Your employees' desire to learn gives you a competitive advantage over larger companies. Attract people who are eager to try fresh approaches and have great ideas about how to do things differently and be smart about your training plans. Constantly improving and acquiring information technology skills is essential in many industries. Employees need training, it's a fact, then consider Coachfactor App, bring convenience, keep costs down, this could be more interesting -- and more engaging -- than traditional training. Mobile training apps provide an inexpensive and convenient way to train your team as you run your changing business.

benefits are significant

Enabling companies to perform On-boarding processes, Coaching, Follow up and Self Training, shorten learning curve periods and increase performance, eliminating waste and frustration, as well as allow more focus on engaging and up selling. An intuitive user experience enhances overall effort.

Proividing new employees with a digital welcome kit, enables you to have an efficient onboarding process and lets your team use proven messages and collateral. This also reduce liabilities from compliance issues.

USA Smartphones Penetration in 2016




Customers who want mobile Apps


sample screen shots

Salesfactor Dashboard

advanced filtering and search features

Video Library

Let employees interact with powerful videos that communicate your intended message. Total views rose 38 percent year-over-year. Engagement videos are new, creative ad formats that help you connect and engage with people in the moments that matter"

Salesfactor Shopping cart

it can hold up to tens of thousands of records

Resource Library

"Keep control of the content and see how it is used! Employees now are getting push notifications as new materials are published and have everything at hand."This feature allows online and off-line access to data with advanced filtering capabilities.

Salesfactor Login Screen

advanced filtering and search features

User Authentication

Protect the end user from unauthorized access through a unique ID and PIN. An important feature of this funtionality is the ability to operate in either online or offline.

MLM Mobile App Salesfactor Message screen

advanced filtering and search features

Corporate Messages

Enables the end users to retrieve up-to-the-minute news, announcements, recognition and other pertinent information. The messages can be configured in a timeline view or in a master detail view.

Direct Sales Mobile App Blog Posting

advanced filtering and search features


Allows users to give you feedback and sense the engagement and commitment around your training efforts.

Editions AfFordable Packages

Designed for all stages of your business.

Cetralized Content
Onboarding & Engagement


$995 /Month*


  • In App User Signup
  • Embedded Micro Sites (HTML5)
  • Resources Library
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Video Library
  • Anotations
  • Content Sharing
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Corporate Messaging
*Fix monthly fees based on user brackets 1 to 250 users = $995. Next band will apply when exceeding 25% max users (251 to 500 = $1,495).

Sales Execution
Order Handling & Payments


$1,495 /month*


  • Dynamic Catalogs
  • Media Correlation with SKUs
  • Product Brand Senction
  • Distribuitor Enrollment
  • Customer Enrollment
  • Prospects Lookups
  • Tax & Shipping Handling
  • Tax & Shipping Handling
  • CC Payment Processing
  • My Orders
  • Orders Sync (Push & Pull)
*Fix monthly fees based on user brackets 1 to 250 users = $1,495. Next band will apply when exceeding 25% max users (251 to 500 = $1,495).

Real Time
Backend Integration


$2,495 /Month*


  • Real Time BackenD Integration
  • Syncronous Order Integration
  • Inventory Verification
  • Cash Payments Processing
  • Single Sign-on
  • Genealogy Three Visualization
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Dowline Reports
  • Ranking Reports
  • . . .
  • . . .
*Priced per user per month, the higher the volume the lower the cost per user. (1,000 users = $6.99 per users per month). 250 minimun users.

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