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We empower brands to engage with its consumers by bonding with an App
that motivates interaction at their convenience.
Shopfactor has no limits

Mobility change consumers’ brand engagement

Because consumers are demanding more than ever and want to freely choose, when and how to interact with products and services, we created an App for brands and reps to interact with them.

Salesfactor Catalog Page


Payments are more secure now than ever and this information is never exposed in payment terminals or transaction confirmations



The gateway between the consumer and the brand becomes an alternative buying channel that creates value-added interactions.



Unprecedented consumer shopping behavior insights and lifestyles, helps to personalize services and drive brand buying decision.

Leapfactor Inc.

Engage Superb user experience

  • Users Drive Our Creativity

    Like any other consumer product, mobile Apps only succeed because of its users. Apps attract users by creating an engaging enviornment while being more convenient and helping get things done faster, easier, and cost efficient.

  • We invested a lot so you don’t have to

    We invested on the most talented minds to design, build and maintain a business class platform that creates value-added Apps. Some will say that is easy but true Apps require ongoing care and dedicated resources; don’t take the risk.

  • A shopping tool is a serious business

    We designed our Apps with the end user in mind. The Apps are designed to help you sell more, make the job easier, engaging and more convenient, while helping run the business more efficiently. Our focus is in providing the best front office user experience.

  • UX is a never-ending process

    As much as one can succeed on attracting users, keeping users is harder. App users quickly get accustomed to a feature but they never stop demanding for more. We continuously look for ways to innovate helping people get things done, slicker and faster.

features to indulge and engage

The ability to make the most of the opportunity to engage with shoppers through services, marketing, technology and products that come with branded mobile Apps.

Product Literature

Enriching media, transform basic product information into a virtual assistant to help the consumer during a buying decision.

Video Library

If people are emotionally connected by what they see in product demonstration videos, they are more likely to buy.


We connect consumers to promos, product info and coupons to engage, entertain & educate, resulting in additional sales

Shopping Cart

Consumers can add products to a shopping cart by simply dragging and dropping the product of their choice into the basket


This feature lets consumers process payments in the comfort of their home with the confidence of secure encrypted transactions.

Enrollment & Profiling

Creates true value, build a relationship with the shopper and give tools that, at the end of the day, make the brand irreplaceable.

scale we handle growth


orders per second


new users per minute


analytical events per hour


assets download per day

MLM App Development


Connecting Brands with its Consumers

Leapfactor has created the Shopfactor App to connect brands with its consumers. This new tool helps them make those connections more engaging and effective. People seek brands that enhance their experience, and fulfills a need. Consumers want brands that will help them feel loved, and in some way, enrich and/or improve their lives.

Connecting Distributors with its clients

With today's technology, distributors and consultants can build stronger customer relationships by giving them access to the Shopfactor App. Shopfactor allows your custmers to browse offers and content directly from the distributor. Consumers can then buy and place orders directly, with commission still being honored to consultants. Shopfactor not only brand loyalty but also loyalty to the individual sales rep.

Our Clients

Leapfactor Inc. Clients

why Mobility is imperative

Conventional wisdom prioritizes browser centric back office tools over mobile first strategies. This philosophy doesn’t recognize the consumer’s demand for instant access to a brand via their mobile apps. Ignoring consumer needs and forcing representatives to use a back-office software, as a front office tool is a strategic mistake.

benefits are significant

The Consumer App - Shopfactor - builds excitement for new products with exclusive content, videos, promotional offers and rewards. The Ability to easily share with friends to increase product buzz. Increase custoer engagement, relationships, and loyalty, all while increasing consultant efficiency.

Adult Consumers with Smartphones


Shoppers influenced by the use of mobile device


Shoppers checking product info


shots shopfactor

Salesfactor Shopping Cart

Multiple shopping carts can be created directly from the catalog

Easy Shopping

A shopping cart can be created directly from the catalog for an easy one-step shopping and checkout process. Shoppers can add products to a shopping cart by simply dragging and dropping products into the cart.

Salefactor Custom Presentation

Interactive method of presenting and ordering products

Enjoyable Catalogs

Embrace the evolution, bring life to your paper catalog with exuberant HD product pictures, and virtual reference tools to engage and provide a more compelling shopping experience.

Salesfactor Catalog Page

Content can be segmented by user and/or by groups

Product Literature

Help consumers to understand “why your product” and let them feel like they are making better decisions by accurately presenting relevant product attributes to drive their purchase.

Salesfactor Product Literature

Users can add products to a shopping cart by simply dragging and dropping products into carts

Shopping Carts

Reach new shoppers by making it easier for them to shop, any time, anywhere and at their convenience. Responding to consumer shopping habits triggered by mobile devices is key to sustain growth and increase high-value consumers.

Salesfactor Shopping Cart

Advanced filtering and search features

Product Search

Allow consumers to search for their favorite products by category among other parameters and filters, offering an easy way to provide a consistent search experience for all users.

Salesfactor Product Search

Real-time customer feedback!

Consumer Polls

Enable shoppers to participate in polls, test the field and gain greater knowledge of consumers’ lifestyles likes, dislikes and habits. Polls will appear on the home screen of the App, collectable in real time and made available via Excel files.

Editions Afordable Packages

Designed for all stages of your business.

Cetralized Marketing
Onboarding & Engagement


$995 /Month*


  • In App User Signup
  • Interactive Digital Catalogs
  • Embedded Micro Sites (HTML5)
  • Resources Library
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Video Library
  • Content Sharing
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Corporate Messaging
*Fix monthly fees based on user brackets 1 to 250 users = $995. Next band will apply when exceeding 25% max users (251 to 500 = $1,495).

Sales Execution
Order Handling & Payments


$1,495 /month*


  • Dynamic Catalogs
  • Media Correlation with SKUs
  • Product Brand Senction
  • Distribuitor Enrollment
  • Customer Enrollment
  • Prospects Lookups
  • Tax & Shipping Handling
  • Tax & Shipping Handling
  • CC Payment Processing
  • My Orders
  • Orders Sync (Push & Pull)
*Fix monthly fees based on user brackets 1 to 250 users = $1,495. Next band will apply when exceeding 25% max users (251 to 500 = $1,495).

Real Time
Backend Integration


$2,495 /Month


  • Real Time Backedn Integration
  • Syncronous Order Integration
  • Inventory Verification
  • Cash Payments Processing
  • Single Sign-on
  • Genealogy Three Visualization
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Dowline Report
  • Ranking Reports
  • . . .
  • . . .
*Priced per user per month, the higher the volume the lower the cost per user. (1,000 users = $6.99 per users per month). 250 minimun users.

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