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Leapfactor Inc. Gerardo Chaljub

Gerardo Chaljub
Human Resources

1 (888) 557-9008 ext 4 jerry@leapfactor.com

Reach me, if you would like to be part of our team. Together we can achieve great results.

Leapfactor Inc. Diego Rossenblum

Diego Rossemblum
Customer Support

1 (888) 557-9008 ext 2 diego@leapfactor.com

Information and resources to help you with all your App troubleshooting needs is our priority.

Leapfactor Inc. Massimo Chiocca

Massimo Chiocca
Bus. Development

1 (888) 557-9008 ext 1 massimo@leapfactor.com

Lead companies to achieve their Mobile strategy, changing how businesses interact and gather information from employees and customers.

Leapfactor Inc. Oscar Manriquez

Oscar Manrique
Country Manager

1 (888) 557-9008 ext 1 oscar@leapfactor.com

Enjoy his client facing role and the challenge of growing business opportunities around the Mobile Platform and the Apps.

Leapfactor Inc. Lionel Carrasco

Lionel Carrasco
Founder & CEO

1 (786) 362-6726 ceo@leapfactor.com

We knew that one-day business people would primarily use mobile devices to access key information with cool Business Apps supported by Cloud Platform Services.

Leapfactor inc. Macrela Henao

Marcela Henao
Founder & CMO

1 (888) 557-9008 ext 5 contact@leapfactor.com

The World of the Apps provide tools for you to use your talent and passion, develop yourself and make an impact in life. Find out why we are different!


Leapfactor Inc.

A SaaS company that created a proprietary cloud based Mobile Platform designed from the ground up to support Game-Changing business Apps that transcend CRM limits and transform the way businesses enable their field sales staff to better engage and serve customers at the moment of truth, increasing revenue growth.

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